Seeburg Castle University – Private University (SCU) is an officially recognised Austrian private university, accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria.

With its headquarters in Salzburg and satellite teaching venue in Vienna, the SCU prepares students in fields such as business administration, business psychology and sport and event management, developing them as leaders of tomorrow.

Professors and students engage in cutting-edge research in the following areas:

  • Innovation and Transformation Management
  • Decisions and Behaviour in Organisations and Society
  • Sport Management and Economics of Sports

Internationalisation is a vital part of the strategy of the SCU, which focuses its activities on innovative approaches to the international mobility of students and staff, strategic partnerships in research and the internationalisation of the curricula.

True to its vision of being a leading research institution in the fields of business administration and business psychology in the region and beyond, the SCU aims to widen its international activities and develop further as an open, international und intercultural scientific institution.


In 2021 the SCU received the Erasmus+ Charter for the program period 2021-2027. The SCU sees itself as part of a global network of universities and research institutions, actively contributing to the further development of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the European Research and Innovation Area (ERIA). In conformity with the aims articulated in the Erasmus Policy Statement, it understands internationalisation as a key instrument in increasing the quality of teaching, research and the services of the university, as well as increasing the university’s innovation capacity.

Seeburg Castle University offers the following bachelor, master and doctoral programmes:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science in Sports and Event Management
  • Master of Science in Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Business Psychology
  • MBA in Leadership
  • MBA in Management
  • Doctorate in Innovation and Creativity Management (Dr. rer. soc. oec.)

Language requirements:

German B2 (recommended) or English B2.

The programmes are in German; however, some of the modules are held in English or offer the option to sit exams, submit module/project work or conduct presentations in English. For further information, please contact our international office.


Our semi-virtual educational concept brings together the benefits of both distance and on-campus study programmes, thereby combining the freedom and flexibility of web-based learning with the advantages of personal and in-depth contact of on-site classes.

Blended learning combines different instructional formats, from traditional classroom seminars to online courses. Course formats are adapted for optimal compatibility with course subjects and content.

Students come to the site in Seekirchen or in Vienna five times per semester for two days of in-person sessions with professors. Between the on-site sessions, students access an online learning platform for flexible study. Assignments are completed individually or in groups, always with the opportunity for feedback and advice from lecturers.


If you want to apply for a study exchange, you must first be nominated by your home university. After your nomination, please complete the following form and send it to our international office.

Erasmus Incoming Application Form

For more detailed information on the university, see Flyer SCU.

Detailed information on studying in Austria and at our university (visa and entry requirements, insurance, fees, etc.): Information for incoming students.

Our students are warmly encouraged to take part in an international exchange programme, spending from several days to up to one year at one of our partner institutions.


  • Student Mobility for Studies – long term (min. length of stay – 2 months)
  • Student Mobility for Studies – short term (length of stay at least 5 days and max. 30 days, must include a virtual component)
  • Student Mobility for Studies – doctoral students (length of stay at least 5 days and max. 30 days)
  • Student Mobility for Traineeship – mobility grant for traineeship (length of stay 2–12 months)

For detailed Information on the Erasmus+ and other exchange programmes for students, please visit our intranet:

The Erasmus+ exchange programme offers academic and non-academic staff an excellent opportunity to acquire new input for their research and teaching activities, gain international working experience, enhance their academic network and reinforce their ongoing professional development.


  • Staff Mobility for Training – both academic and non-academic staff (length of stay at least 2 days, excl. travel days, and max. 2 months)
  • Staff Mobility for Teaching – academic staff only (length of stay at least 2 days, excl. travel days, and max. 2 months; teaching activity must comprise a minimum of 8 hours per week)
  • Combined Mobility for Training and Teaching (length of stay at least 2 days, excl. travel days, and max. 2 months; teaching activity must comprise a minimum of 4 hours per week)

For detailed information on the Erasmus+ and other exchange programmes for staff, please visit our intranet:


Colleagues from our partner universities can take advantage of a mobility programme to come spend time teaching, researching, or training at the SCU. For further information, please contact our international office.

Erasmus+ international partners:

Bilateral international cooperations:

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